Let's Get School-Ready!

Practical, Proven & 



In This Short Online Course



What to Do - shared simply for you!

I will save you hours of late night googling 'overwhelm,' as I guide you through 7 proven developmental areas, involving play & movement-based strategies that are easy, inexpensive and enjoyable ways to engage with your child, and support their development in the early years, before they start school!


Benefits of using these 'Tried & Tested' strategies at home in the early years versus waiting until your child goes to kindy or school?

Discover why it is so important to support your child's development at home, during the early years and gain a greater insight into how invaluable and precious this time is for your child's lifelong learning and overall wellbeing - truly words can't express or explain how beneficial it is, even to grab 10 mins a day to read and/or play with your child!


Your child's first Teacher, Cheerleader & Coach - is YOU!

You know your child best: their unique personality, abilities and challenges. I will be sharing some tips for you, as their first teacher, cheerleader and coach to empower and assist you as you encourage and support your child.  Tips that you can simply slot into your daily routine, eg.  as you are cooking dinner, driving your children to school or cleaning their teeth!


How to make a start when pressed for time?

As a home-schooling mum of 5 children and Paediatric Occupational Therapist of 15 years working part-time in my own private practice, I  have learnt how to juggle time!! I will be sharing how you can easily fit these 'tips and tricks' into your routine, for example, in only 10-15 mins a day, 3-4 times a week, easing the stress, pressure and guilt!


You got this!

This short course requires an investment of approx. 2 1/2 hours to complete, which you are free to do 'movie style' in one viewing or in smaller segments of time, however it suits you - you have lifetime access!  It includes videos, guides, cheatsheets and some free ABC resources. Designed for you to simply walk away, equipped and empowered with greater understanding and confidence, to use these 7 invaluable key areas. easily, everyday, knowing you will reap the benefits, in so many ways, as you stick with it - parenting today for your child's tomorrow!

"I enjoyed this course very much. I think there were a lot of useful tips for parents of young children. I found the first modules on bouncing balls and balancing particularly interesting and intend to try out some of the activities with my girls. I think the information on reading was also helpful. I liked how you explained the importance of each of the topics and how they all connect to further skills. Regards Sharyn"

Sharyn, Greenbank, Queensland, Australia

'You don't know my crazy schedule, I can't fit another thing in!'

"Are you are too busy juggling the 'crazy' unknown of COVID, working from home, adjusting to home-based schooling and managing a household to stop and think, and/or also stuck in the moment changing nappies, making lunches, doing school drop-offs in your pyjamas, and struggling with how to best help your child through the maze and  'noise' of information available today......know that you are not alone!

As parents, we really do care for our children and can place undue pressure upon ourselves to do it all, more so this year than ever before, due to all the 'COVID uncertainty'!

Join me in this short online course - I guarantee you will be surprised, as you learn what it takes, that it is not as hard as what you might have previously imagined or thought! 

Grab a glass of wine or a coffee, and let me take the stress, guilt and pressure off, by guiding you through what you can do with limited time and finances and yet still manage to grab quality time with your child during the week.

You can do so many things, as I will be sharing, that are simple, yet effective and fun, to help prepare your child to learn to read, write and spell confidently!

It really is beneficial to your child's health and wellbeing for years to come  - ultimately parenting today for your child's tomorrow! 

It is encouraging to be reminded, that parenting is a long distance marathon and NOT a 100m sprint!!

Enrol now, you won't regret it! 

Learning that lights up your child's day, is definitely worth it!


A Note From The Instructor...

I love to see children blossom and you, as parent/carers empowered, with the right understanding and keys – to see how simple and fun it truly can be - to help prepare and equip your child in the early years, to learn to read, write and spell confidently when they commence school!

Thank you so much for choosing to take this course with me, as I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you.  

I look forward to hearing what aspects of the course, you find most beneficial and valuable for your child.  Enjoy and take care!