Early Literacy at Home: Unlock 7 Invaluable Keys to help your child learn to 'Read, Write & Spell' Confidently


My passion is to empower you with greater understanding of how you can use simple, fun, inexpensive strategies at home with your child 

to successfully support their ability

to learn to read, write & spell confidently


In This 2 Hour Live Workshop



Why you need to use early literacy activities at home?

Discover how important it is to use ‘tried & tested’ early literacy activities together at home, to unlock your child's potential and to support what they are learning with their teachers and carers at childcare, kindy or school!


Where to Start for Busy Parents?

As a mum of 5 children and Paediatric Occupational Therapist of 15 years, I totally understand, the juggling act of parenthood!  I will share 'HOW TO SIMPLY START' using the 7 evidence-based, inexpensive strategies so you can easily fit them into your everyday routine - without the stress!


What to Do when you have no time?

Then allow me to guide you through 'WHAT TO DO' when using these 7 excellent evidence-based tips & tricks of childhood early literacy development, and it will save you hours of late night googling 'overwhelm’!!


Your child's first Cheerleader & Coach - is YOU!

I will encourage and empower you, as you are the one who knows your child best, their unique personality, abilities and challenges.  Your interest & support is crucial for their confidence.  It is wonderful to know that with the right 'tools' you can so simply help and support your child, even whilst you are cooking dinner or driving in the car!


You got this!

Walk away from this workshop, empowered with greater awareness, understanding and confidence, to use these 7 invaluable keys. easily, every day, knowing you will see change as you stick with it - how awesome is that!

"I love to see children blossom and parents/carers empowered in that 'light bulb' moment, when they realise how simple it really is, with the right understanding and keys, to help their child learn to read, write and spell confidently, in fun, new, inexpensive everyday ways!"

Melissa Savonoff, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, CEO/Founder of Ricardo Reading MouseĀ® and Mum of 5!

'Children reading with one of my Ricardo Reading Mouse® books!'

"Whether you are too busy juggling work and managing a household to stop and think, , stuck in the moment changing nappies, making lunches, doing school drop-offs in your pyjamas, or are struggling with how to best help your child through the maze and  'noise' of information available today, know that you are not alone!

As parents, we really do care so much for our children and can place undue pressure upon ourselves to do it all!!

Join me in this workshop and you will be surprised, that as you learn what it takes, it is not as hard as what you think! 

Grab a glass of wine or a coffee, and let me take the stress, guilt and pressure off, by guiding you through what you can do with limited time and finances and still manage to grab quality time with your child, during the week, doing those things that are simple, fun and yet effective, to help your child learn to read, write and spell confidently!

It really is beneficial to your child's health and well being for years to come  - ultimately parenting today for your child's tomorrow! 

Enroll now, learning that lights up your child's day, is definitely worth it!


A Note From The Instructor...

Thank you for trusting me to help you and your child! 

I am looking forward to sharing with you personally, as a mother of 5 children and  professionally, from 15 years clinical experience working as a Paediatric Occuoational Therapist with children from birth to 17 years of age, across varying diagnosis, abilities and family backgrounds. Enroll now, to watch and learn - you won't regret it!